Stair Lifts – Features & Benefits

This post uses a quick introduction of the advantages that stair lifts can provide on their customers. Staircase lifts, in numerous types have actually been around for several years; King Henry the Eighth was believed to be an individual as well as there is some evidence for human as well as animal powered hoists being used in a similar ability from the third century BC.

Independence & Selection

The apparent advantage of stairway lifts is to get a guest backwards and forwards staircases. Beyond this totally physical benefit is their ability to supply their individuals liberty and also choice, the freedom to move around their existing residence and also make a step away unnecessary, and also the option to remain in their residence or one of their choosing.

People that create mobility concerns have frequently had to move far from their existing home as the staircases have come to be also hard to climb or had their selection of brand-new home drastically limited to one stories structures. A well customized stair lift solution can offer this selection back. You are no more faced with a relocation away from knowledge, friends and family or a lowered checklist of real estate alternatives.

Staircase lifts additionally provide an advantage to the relatives of the individual – comfort. They are great health and wellness tools, securely delivering a passenger backwards and forwards the stair without occurrence.

Lots of users of lifts can move their home with loved one convenience however, worryingly for family members, find the stairs simply that bit harder. In older homes stairways can be narrower as well as steeper homicide additional challenges to individuals with movement problems as well as once again, additional concerns for concerned family members. A well set up, well kept lift can provide the guarantee that a family member can take the stairs safely, every time.


Yet just how do staircase raises job and what functions can you expect to discover on one? Functions clearly range versions and suppliers, but below is a fundamental run-down of several of one of the most useful ones you can be seeking.

First of all, a stairway or chair lifts are really versatile and can be fitted onto any kind of staircase, whether it’s directly, rounded, spiral or perhaps outdoors. A stairlift, in the most standard terms, is simply a chair that works on a track, specifically adhering to the line of the stairways.

Stairlifts are powered by electricity. Several designs nowadays come fitted with a battery back-up that is on continual fee. This suggests that the staircase lift can be utilized also in a power cut. Although power-cuts are not typical occurrences, for stair lift individuals the ability to rise the stairways is not something you can do without. Washrooms and also bedrooms are usually located upstairs and any kind of disruption in the power can cause an unpleasant await the individual.

A hand control, indispensable joystick or buttons are utilized to move the lift up as well as down the stairways. If somehow you are out the very same degree as the lift – it can be called utilizing controls at either the top or base of the staircase – an excellent attribute to guarantee you can never ever be stranded.

A further safety and security attribute readily available on some stairway lift models is the swivel chair. While the stairway lift is going up and down the stairs, it faces directly away from the wall. When the user is jumping on or off the chair, it transforms 90 degrees and locks, to make sure that the individual can securely get down, dealing with far from the stairs.

Safety belt are likewise included, which are vital for security, and often a sensing unit that detects things in the path of the staircase lift. Several lifts have up to six sensors to pick up items that block the method and prevent damage to the carriage. Sensing units are likewise readily available that limit the rate of the stairlift and ensure a smooth ride. The ride will certainly vary from model to design, so attempt a couple of out to find which matches you finest.

One more important feature to search for is a lockout button that stops it being run by any person who is not intended to. A stairway lift can be a tantalizing prospect for a little one as well as this system guarantees they can not run it and potentially harm themselves.

Look likewise for lifts servicing 24 volts DC, implying that there’s no concern over electric shocks.

Which Stairlift?

Now you understand a little about the features available you can begin looking at various designs. The web is a great area to begin. You will locate extensive details on model attributes on the majority of producer sites.

So, which model of stairway lift should you pick? To supply a quick review – staircase lift designs normally fall into 2 wide categories, straight and rounded. Straight versions are made for stairways without any bends or half-landings. They are generally a lot easier to install as well as cost less than curved variations.

If your stairs has bends, edges or half-landings, you’ll need a bent stairlift. Your stairlift rails will require to be customized to ensure an excellent fit to your stairways. This degree of modification means that rounded versions are extra pricey to buy.

Replaced models can be a cheaper alternative to brand-new staircase lifts however may not include all the functions of the new variations. Re-conditioned versions are totally reconditioned used lifts and also because of this might not be as feature-packed as totally brand-new models. Simply ask the supplier for a full feature checklist.